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Cloud Backup Solutions

Plan for the worst – with cloud backups, to help you survive data loss and achieve business continuity

As an enterprise, it’s mission-critical to stay resilient. So if the worst should happen and you suffer data loss – whether from a cyber-attack, technical issue or physical event – you need to be able to restore quickly and efficiently from backups. Otherwise, your business continuity could be affected.

At digit solutions, we help you plan and implement your cloud backup solution as part of your business continuity strategy. We can do this whether you have an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure.

Thanks to our cloud expertise, we can:

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Help you find the right backup solution

Backups are a complex area. As you know, the best backup option for you depends on the types of data you’re backing up, and what you want from your solution.

Important factors include the reliability of the service (backup failure could be disastrous), the ease of file restore (when stress levels are highest, your IT team needs a friendly user interface), ease of management, and budget.

At digit solutions, we have partnerships with a range of cloud backup providers, including Barracuda, Microsoft and Cisco – so we can help you navigate the options and choose the right appliance or software solution for you.


Back up from different kinds of infrastructure

Of course, cloud backups are useful whether you have an on-premise or cloud infrastructure.

For example, do you use a cloud provider for data storage, with a backup in that same data center?

If so, it would be sensible to choose a second cloud backup in a different data center, so you can fall back on this off-site backup if something goes wrong.

Or do you have on-premise infrastructure and you back up locally? In this scenario, we would recommend a second, off-site backup, typically in the cloud.

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