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Cloud Connectors

Enhance cloud performance and security – by using connectors to integrate easily with a range of providers and services.

Cloud services have brought countless benefits to business in recent years – allowing businesses to access a vast range of third-party services, from either on-premise architecture or the cloud.

But when you need to integrate with a third-party provider from your cloud-based or on-premise setup – for example, for security or performance – how do you do it easily?

One way is using a cloud-ready integration known as a “cloud connector”.

For example, if you have an on-premise infrastructure, you might use a cloud connector to connect easily to a cloud provider such as Microsoft, AWS, etc without having to use a programmable interface yourself.

At Digit Solutions, we can:

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Select solutions with integration in mind

Whether you’re choosing a hosting provider or on-premise appliance, it’s worth considering the availability of cloud connectors – so you know that it offers easy integration to the services you require.

At digit solutions, we start with an understanding of your needs before recommending a solution that suits you.


Help you secure your infrastructure

Cloud connectors can help you to stay secure in two ways. On the one hand, they can allow you direct integrations with cloud-based security services.

Indirectly, by making connectivity more seamless, cloud connectors also make it easier to work within a more complex, hybrid architecture – which in turn allows you to treat data differently depending on its sensitivity.

For example, you might decide to keep more sensitive data on-premise and less sensitive data in the cloud, using cloud connectors to integrate easily between the two.


Implement your solution

Once we have found the best solution for you, we can size, price and implement the cloud connectors you need, as part of your wider cloud solution. See our options for IT Sales & Implementation.

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