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Infrastructure Consolidation

Harmonize infrastructure in locations across the globe, to enhance IT security, reduce administrative overheads, increase security and enable a successful IT digitalization and consolidation project

In a multinational enterprise, consolidating your infrastructure as part of digital transformation can offer significant benefits.

If your project goes well, your employees will be able to collaborate more effectively across locations – while your business will benefit from better productivity and improved operational efficiency.

But to make this happen, you first need to harmonize your IT infrastructure at the local level – whether that means replacing routers and firewalls, etc, or installing telecommunications lines such as MPLS/vPLS etc, that connect to regional data centers and across your global network.

Yet harmonizing infrastructure can be a challenge. While you want to adopt a centralized strategy for the sake of efficiency and security, you also need to be sensitive to the varying needs of local businesses – including, but not limited to, local or regional security contexts, performance requirements, – Local Break-Outs or market conditions.

harmonized and standardized Datacentre

Example of harmonized and standardized Datacenter & Locations.

At digit solutions, we’re experts at creating solutions to meet unique business needs – in local and regional markets from EMEA to APAC to the Americas.

That’s why we offer our Global Location Harmonization service, which helps you to:

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Plan and implement the harmonization of global sites

We appreciate that every business is different. So we work with you to deploy infrastructure that is appropriately harmonized, but also appropriate for each location – with your performance and security needs in mind.


Manage the process from strategy to rollout

When you’re harmonizing multiple locations, you need to consider not only your high-level digital strategy, but also the complexities of global rollout and implementation.

So at digit solutions, we aim to respond to these challenges. We provide:

Strategic consulting, to help design a solution that meets business goals across the markets in which you operate

Hardware sizing, so you can make sure hardware meets your varying needs across markets – with a “proof of concept” included so you can test it before you commit to it

Smart project & provider management, helping you deal contractually and technically with the different vendors, telcos and other providers you may need across the globe.

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