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Infrastructure Consolidation

Make the most of your investment in IT digitalization & transformation – by developing your strategy and implementing an effective rollout plan

When you’re planning a digital project in a national or multinational enterprise, a lot is riding on your success.

Get it right, and you could change how you deliver value in your organization – whether that means developing a presence in single location or market, or
transforming how your business works across the globe.

Yet every IT project comes with its own challenges. So to make the most of your IT investment, we offer a Strategic Consulting & Rollout service that is customer oriented and that works. This starts with your high-level strategy – then builds that out into a detailed rollout plan.

digit solutions helps customers to:

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Match strategy to objectives

Operational efficiency? Profitability? Agility? A presence in a new market? Better visibility to inform decision-making?

Every organisation has different reasons for starting an IT project – so we help you to develop a strategy that matches your goals, and an infrastructure to support that strategy.

That could mean planning a full-scale digital consolidation; carving out IT infrastructure from a parent organisation after an acquisition; working to connect a new site via various techniques such as MPLS, SD-WAN xDSL lines etc or harmonize it with your existing IT network; or a variety of enterprise-level IT projects, small and large.


Plan and deliver your rollout

With a high-level strategy in place, we help you to add detail by creating an in-depth rollout plan.

On a complex IT digitalization & transformation project, for example – which may involve consolidating disparate infrastructure, and harmonizing multiple sites – we would work with your technical team to:

  • Create national & multinational Infrastructure standarzation

  • Global IP Network Plan & Security Infrastructures

  • Plan the rollout, defining project phases

  • Implement the project itself and provide technical documentation

  • Conduct testing to enhance performance and provide security assurance

  • Hand over to your in-house IT team.
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    Test proofs of concept - PoC

    Before your rollout begins, we also recommend taking advantage of our hardware sizing service. This includes a “proof of concept” that allows you to test hardware and infrastructures free of charge – so when you implement rollout, you have full assurance that the technology can meet your needs.

    Why digit solutions?
    We’ve been taking a business-centered approach to complex IT projects since 1995. Discover more about our philosophy and the clients we’ve helped.
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