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IP Networking & SD-WAN

Trust digit solutions to solve your IP network and SD-WAN challenges – including design and installation of a consolidated, complex, multi-site IP network and therin Security challenges.

As a multinational organization, your networks are vital for your digital business. For digitalization to be a success, you need your employees to be able to work seamlessly and securely, collaborating via advanced networks across multiple sites.

But how can you re-imagine your wide area network (WAN) to meet your performance, security and budget needs – benefiting as much as possible from the cost advantages of SD-WAN over MPLS?

And with your network in place, how can you improve productivity by giving employees the tools they need, including wireless networking and voice over IP (VoIP)?

At digit solutions, we provide networking solutions to solve these challenges and more. And it all starts with designing a network that meets your needs, across multiple locations and territories.

We can work with you to:

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Realize the efficiency benefits of SD-WAN

MPLS networks are great for performance – but can also be expensive. We can help you to create a more cost-effective solution by using SD-WAN Connectivity to route lower-priority traffic in less expensive ways – taking into account your performance, security and budget needs.

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Move from network design to deployment

At digit solutions, we work with you to create a Complex IP Network Design that suits your specific needs. Moving forward to deployment, we also provide SMART Network Project Management and provider management – helping you to deal with telcos in multiple countries while making sure your project stays on track.


Secure your IP Network environment

Security is a critical part of any network design. We help to design and deploy a network that meets your security needs and helps protect you against threats. For more info, see Advanced Network Security.


Increase productivity

When staff have the most appropriate tools available, they can be more productive. So we help you to install Wireless Networking at your locations, so you can use mobile devices on-site to work more effectively and meet your customers’ needs.

We can also provide VoIP Systems that can overcome common teleconferencing challenges and help employees get the job done.

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