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IP Networking & SD-WAN

We help design and deploy the cost-effective, multi-site networks you need – using SD-WAN technology enabled by intelligent, smart next-gen & Cloud-ready devices.

In multinational businesses, consolidating & harmonizing your infrastructure into a multi-site network can be a key to your meeting digitalization & transformation challenges and goals.

So, when you’re choosing connectivity technologies for your new network, or re- thinking your current WAN design, you want a solution that offers the right level of performance and security – but which is also cost-effective.

The arrival of SD-WAN (software-defined WAN) has made the last part of the puzzle – cost-effectiveness – easier to find. Thanks to next-generation, intelligent devices, it’s possible to route lower-priority traffic via the public internet – while still using MPLS or VPLS when you need it for security and performance. This help to save on the overall cost of the lines you install.

At digit solutions, we help you make the most of these efficiencies – working with you to plan a complex network design, in which your traffic and applications are routed using SD-WAN, in a cost-effective but intelligent and secured way.

We help you to:

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Optimize your investment in connectivity

When you choose SD-WAN, you don’t always need expensive MPLS lines to carry all of your traffic.

We help you define the situations when you could carry traffic via alternatives such as the public internet, and the situations where only MPLS or VPLS will do – creating a cost-effective solution that takes into account your performance and security requirements.

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Pull your complex design together

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SD-WAN means greater cost-effectiveness – but by routing different application traffic via different parts of the network, it can also introduce design complexity.

So we create a bespoke design for your situation – so you end up with a network that connects multiple sites as seamlessly as possible, with traffic routed by intelligent devices over different telco lines or Public Internet.


Choose the next-gen & cloud-ready hardware your network needs

digit solutions with our premium & GOLD partnership with major network vendors such as Barracuda Networks, Cisco Inc, Palo Alto Networks and many more, we work closely with our customers to make sure that they have the right next-generation & cloud-ready devices that can handle multiple technologies and services. In choosing a smart device that provides multiple services such as L3 Firewalling, Application based routing & SD-WAN and many more to meet their enterprise needs.

We work with you to meet your specific needs as an organization – and can also offer completely free-of-charge proofs of concept (PoCs) as part of our hardware sizing service.


Provide SMART network project management

To install any multi-site network, you need reliable project management to cover contractual and technical detail. That’s we provide SMART project management service for networking projects. See our page on Network Project Management.

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