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IT for Industry 4.0

Integrating Industry 4.0 technologies into your IT operations? We help you with networks, hardware and cyber security

In both industrial and wider business sectors, machines are increasingly networked – from the largest industrial machinery to the smallest sensor in your air conditioning units.

The benefits for business lie in more and better machine data, which you can analyze and assess in real time, to improve productivity, efficiency, and decisionmaking – combined, of course, with the power to control machines remotely and
via automation.

But as Industry 4.0 gathers pace, how do you integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in the most effective ways? And as part of this, how do you secure your Industry 4.0 implementation and select the right IT hardware for the job?

At digit solutions, we help you solve these challenges in three main ways:

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We design your network to accommodate Industry 4.0

We have expertise in Complex IP Network Design – and we can integrate the demands of Industry 4.0 into your design, by segmenting your network to protect your most complex and critical machines.

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We help you select right hardware

For industrial scenarios, ordinary firewalls aren’t always up to the job. We can help you select the next-gen firewalls that are appropriately sized for your IoT bandwidth, and designed for a tough industrial environment if that’s what you need. See our page on Hardware for Industry 4.0.


We help secure your machines

Cyber security is critical for all Industry 4.0 use cases, but especially your most complex and expensive machines. We use a combination of IT strategies to help you keep machines secure over time. See Security for Industry 4.0.

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