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IT for Industry 4.0

We plan, provide and implement the security appliances – Firewalls and other IT infrastructure you need for your internet-enabled machines

Selecting the right network hardware for your IT operations can be tricky at the best of times. But when you need to securely connect complex and expensive machines to your network in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are more factors in play.

How much bandwidth, for example, will these complex machines start to create once your business starts to scale up adoption of IoT – and how does this affect your legacy network and the security appliances or next-gen firewalls you select?

Given this, what local connectivity do you require? And do you need IT hardware that is designed to withstand the demands of an industrial environment?

At digit solutions, we work to solve these challenges and others like them, so that you can select the right hardware for your specific circumstances, then roll it out as your IoT or Industry 4.0 strategy gathers pace.

We help you to:

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Find a solution for your specific requirements

We always listen to your needs before recommending a hardware solution. For example, for industrial uses, we can help you decide whether you need next-gen firewalls that can withstand vibration or fire.

We can also advise you whether you are an end user or a manufacturer or installer of IoT machines.

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Test your solution before you commit

Given the complexity of Industry 4.0 use cases, it’s important to be able to test your IT solution before you commit to it. So we offer proofs of concept (PoCs) as part of our Hardware Sizing service.


Implement your hardware and roll out

Typically, we recommend that you segment your network before installing complex IoT machines, adding a barrier between your IoT network and your servers. Please see our pages on Security for Industry 4.0 and Hardware Rollout Planning.

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