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IT for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 brings benefits, but also security challenges. At digit solutions, we help provide the IT Security & cyber security solutions you need

As a business in the industrial sector, you are witnessing the rapid growth of Industry 4.0 technologies. But as you bring connectivity to complex and expensive machines with multiple data-capturing sensors, you also need to consider the risks and implications of a cyber-attack.

After all, if you have complex or business-critical machines, what might be a relatively minor issue in other contexts could cause significant disruption to your business operations.

So how do you protect a complex, internet-enabled machine in a busy industrial environment – which may be exposed to heat, vibration and other factors? Or how do you plan to update security on a machine that’s critical to operations and where you need to minimize downtime?

At digit solutions, we can help you to solve these operational challenges. With our Security for Industry 4.0 service, we can:

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Help you plan a security-first design

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), your machines are connected to your complex, global IT infrastructure. So, after working to understand your specific needs, we can plan and implement a segmented network carve-out within your corporate IT network – which makes it easier to protect machines or devices from unauthorized access.

For times when you need to patch or update a machine’s software, we create systems which allow your IT team to gain remote, external access to a complex machine within a narrowly defined timeframe.

This means you can make necessary updates via a secure SSL connection, while denying access to the machine at other times.

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Select security appliances & firewalls that are up to the job

Of course, it’s also critical to select security hardware that can cope with the demands of the industrial sector. So, depending on your needs, we can recommend physical firewalls which are built to withstand fire and vibration. See our page on Hardware for Industry 4.0.

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