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IT Project Management & Implementation

Make sure you have the future-proof hardware you need for your IT transformation & Digitalization, consolidation and harmonization projects

As an IT manager in a large organization, you know that successful IT projects aren’t about hardware – they’re about meeting the rapidly changing needs of your business and your users.

That being true, deploying the wrong hardware is still one of the fastest ways to project failure – either because you’ve spent more than you need to through oversized hardware, or because the infrastructure you’ve commissioned is unable to meet the demands of today or scale to the needs of tomorrow.

At digit solutions, we work to help you avoid these pitfalls – so you commission the correct next-gen, cloud-ready hardware for your IT infrastructures and project, whether that’s your on-premise data center, or your routers, firewalls or telecommunication lines such as MPLS / vPLS /etc

We do this by offering a free “PoC proof of concept” for the hardware we recommend, and by working with you to understand your needs from the outset.

We help you to:

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Reduce the risk of your IT investment

Because we provide you with a completely free “proof of concept” for the hardware we suggest, you have the chance to test it out and check if it’s right for your environment.

If it proves unsuitable, you can send it back and try another solution at zero cost.

This gives you reassurance that the hardware you finally deploy will be right for you, while helping you manage the risk of a major IT investment – which in turn helps you to make the business case.

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Plan for the future of your business

Sizing hardware isn’t only about making sure it meets your requirements today – it’s also about predicting the future. That can be challenging, so we seek to understand your needs before recommending a solution.


Select appropriate hardware for each location

When you’re working multinationally – for example, as part of a global digital consolidation – you’ll need to be sensitive to your different business requirements across the globe.

So we help you size your hardware for different locations. Find out more about Global Location Harmonization.

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We’ve been taking a business-centered approach to complex IT projects since 1995. Discover more about our philosophy and the clients we’ve helped.
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Keen to get started on your IT challenge? Get in touch with digit solutions now.