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IT Security

As IoT brings new security challenges, we help you to meet them – with tailor-made security design and solutions for industrial applications

In multinational enterprises, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the landscape of cyber security.

As multitudes of smaller devices connect to the public internet via the IPv6 protocol and over higher-performing networks, you will be able to benefit from real-time data and automation capabilities and the ability to interact more seamlessly with physical machines.

In turn, though, this can also carry potential security risks, as cyber-criminals find new attack vectors and new ways to cause disruption to business.

So whether you need to secure your internet-enabled building appliances, your bank’s ATMs, or complex industrial machines that need to be segmented from your network, it’s important to develop your security strategy as the influence of IoT grows.

At digit solutions, we help you to develop your security in response to IoT, by:

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Creating a tailor-made security design

At Design Solutions, we work with you to develop an IT security design that is based on an analysis and audit of your current and future IT infrastructure – helping to secure your IoT environment as well as your wider network. See our pages on IT Security and IT Security Design.

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Providing security for industrial IoT

We can select and implement appliances to help secure the complex, networked machines that are driving Digitalization 4.0 in the industrial sector.

For more information, see our page on Security for Digitalization 4.0.

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