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Threat Hunting & Intelligence

Traditional detection systems are not always sufficient to protect an organization from the ever-increasing threat of advanced cyberattacks, which are very stealthy and persistent. Studies mention that on an average, it takes about 277 to 327 days for businesses to identify data breach.

As a part of our Managed SOC offering, we offer proactive and comprehensive solutions to identify, analyze, and respond to these cyberattacks through our advanced Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunting capabilities.

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Threat Hunting

  • Our threat hunting service uses advanced tools and techniques such as behavioural analysis, anomaly detection, threat intelligence and forensic investigation to identify and mitigate undetected threats in your environment to minimize the impact of successful breach or compromise.

  • Our threat hunters use their expertise and experience to establish business-specific hypotheses, hunt for signs of compromise, malicious activity and vulnerabilities in your network, and suggest appropriate ways to remove them quickly and effectively.
  • Threat Analysis

    Threat Intelligence

  • Out threat intelligence service leverages relevant information from various reliable sources about current and emerging cyber threats, such as threat actors, TTPs (tactics, techniques and procedures), IOCs (indicators of compromise) and attack vectors.

  • Our threat intelligence analysts collect, analyze and share information from various sources, such as open-source intelligence (OSINT), dark web monitoring, industry advisories and other proprietary sources, to understand your threat landscape and adversaries, and to prepare our SOC team detect and respond effectively to future attacks.
  • Threat Hunting & Intelligence Analytics
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