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Cloud Solutions & Security

Develop cloud solutions that meet your business needs – while protecting your cloud environment against cyber-attack.

It’s difficult to imagine doing business without the cloud. Compared to legacy architecture, cloud services can offer unrivalled flexibility – allowing you to try out different software integrations, experiment with platforms, and support the process of digitalization and transformation.

But from an IT point of view, the cloud offers complex challenges. How do you migrate data to a cloud-based environment in a planned, low-risk way? How do you secure the cloud and plan for business continuity?

And above all, what can you do to make sure that you have the right cloud strategy and infrastructure, designed to meets your needs not only now, but in years to come?

At digit solutions, we use our experience to help you tackle these issues.

We can help you to:

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Get the most from your cloud solutions

What do you want from the cloud? That’s the most important question for businesses at the start of any cloud migration process.

We work to understand your objectives, then plan and implement solutions that are right for you. See our IT Consulting page for more on our approach.


Choose Cloud & Migrate to the cloud

We can help you not only chose the best Cloud Provider that meets your needs nut also transform your environment by planning and implementing your cloud migration, including Microsoft Office 365.

Find out more about how we help you with Office 365 in Cloud Environments.


Secure your cloud data

When you migrate to the cloud, you need to be aware of the cyber security risks – and have a strategy to mitigate them.

We offer solutions to help you protect your data and business in cloud environments, from cloud firewalls to advanced security solutions that detect and respond to threats. See Cloud Security for more info.


Back up data to the cloud

Whether you have an on-premise or cloud infrastructure, backing up data to the cloud can help you to ensure business continuity in the event of data loss. Find out how we can help you with Cloud Backup Solutions.


Integrate easily with cloud services

The whole point of the cloud is the ability to integrate flexibly with cloudbased services – whether your primary infrastructure is cloud-based oron-premise.

We can help you to do this easily by installing integration-friendly “cloud connectors”, or recommending hosting providers that offer them.

Discover more about the benefits of Cloud Connectors.

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We’ve been taking a business-centered approach to complex IT projects since 1995. Discover more about our philosophy and the clients we’ve helped.
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