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Harmonise and streamline global IT infrastructures

Digital overlay, earth hologram and network connection infrastructure for futuristic communication,

Digitalisation and transformation - two weighty words that (should) play a role in every IT project. The reasons for this are well known: from cost savings and efficient processes to greater security. However, the situation is particularly confusing when companies have branches and subsidiaries spread around the world. Different country-specific IT structures, differing data protection regulations and evolved IT environments, such as previously [...]

IT-Security Engineer (m/f/d) full-time

digit solutions GmbH is an internationally operating IT system house specialising in IT security. Our passion is to protect companies from unwanted threats using the latest technologies and thus safeguard our customers' core business. In addition to IT consulting activities, we offer the development of IT concepts, the provision of the latest technologies (hardware & software) as well as holistic IT support in the individual MSSP model [...].

Cybersecurity in the 21st century: Challenges and solutions

Cybersecurity challenges & solutions

In an increasingly digitalised world, cybersecurity plays a crucial role in protecting personal, business and government information from threats. However, the rapid development of technology and increasing connectivity has led to a significant increase in cyberattacks and breaches. This article looks at the challenges of cybersecurity in the 21st century and [...]

How to run a modern Security Operations Centre (SOC) like a pro

SOC Security & Challenges

A Security Operations Center (SOC) has gradually evolved over the years from something that is "good to have" to an "essential component" of any organisation's cyber security strategy, regardless of the nature of its business or its size. A SOC is a centralised function where a team of security experts monitor, analyse and respond to cyber threats in real time.

IT support: Efficient solutions for a smooth technology experience


In today's digital era, IT support plays a crucial role in companies and organisations of all sizes. It is the cornerstone that ensures technology resources function seamlessly and users are able to complete their tasks efficiently. IT support encompasses a wide range of services, from troubleshooting technical issues to providing support and [...]

Zero Trust Network Access: New security paradigms in the digital age


In an era characterised by escalating cyber threats and an increasingly distributed workforce, traditional network security models are proving inadequate. This is where Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) comes in, a revolutionary approach that challenges the traditional perimeter-based security architecture. This article looks at the intricacies of ZTNA and discusses its principles, benefits, implementation strategies [...]

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