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Security Awareness & Training

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Security Awareness & Training

Effective security awareness & training: the key to your company's cyber security

In today's digital world, cyber security awareness is critical. At digit solutions, we understand that IT security knowledge and training is essential to protect your organisation from cyber threats. Our comprehensive Security Awareness & Training programmes aim to raise your employees' awareness and prepare them for potential cyber risks.

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Advantages of our security awareness & training

IT security basics

We provide basic knowledge about cyber security, including the most common threats such as phishing, malware and ransomware.

Advanced threat detection

Our advanced courses cover more complex topics such as advanced attack methods and the detection of security breaches.

Best practices in handling sensitive data

We teach effective methods for protecting sensitive information and complying with data protection guidelines.

Response to security incidents

Participants learn how to react correctly in the event of a security breach and how to minimise damage.

Reduction of security risks

By collecting and analysing security data centrally, SIEM systems can detect and respond to complex threats more quickly.

Increasing employee competence

Well-trained employees can recognise potential threats and react appropriately.

Implementation and methodology

Our training methods are varied and include interactive workshops, online training and regular safety updates. We emphasise practical training that enables participants to apply what they have learnt directly in their day-to-day work.
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