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Global international data centres

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Global data centres

We support you in planning and implementing global or local data centres, on site or in the cloud. This allows you to get the most out of the digital transformation.

If you are consolidating or harmonising your IT infrastructure as part of the digital transformation process, global and regional data centres are a key success factor in the solution.

Synchronising your data via a global network of highly available data centres with minimum latency times and maximum stability enables you to get the most out of IT digitisation.


There are some decisions to be made here. digit solutions can help you plan, design and implement your global or regional data centres to fully meet your requirements.

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How to benefit from global and regional data centres of the future

Get the highest performance, safety and stability

We work closely with you to implement data centres and storage solutions that address all relevant challenges: Performance, security, stability and cloud capability.

Based on a network of regional and global data centres, your users can collaborate with worldwide locations in real time.

Access your data flexibly: on premise or in the cloud

Depending on your project budget, latency and security requirements, we can help you store data on site and/or in the cloud.

For example, we can plan and implement a state-of-the-art, cloud-enabled data centre on your premises or provide storage space in our global high-availability data centres in APAC, EMEA or North and South America.

Use a flexible hybrid cloud

For security reasons, you may want a hybrid cloud solution where sensitive data is stored in your local data centre and less critical data from SaaS solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 is stored in the cloud.

We support you with your specific hybrid cloud solution. To do this, we install the necessary interfaces that allow you to easily and securely connect your cloud-enabled data centre to the cloud services.

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