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User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is a critical component of modern cyber defence. digit solutions implements UEBA to detect and analyse unusual behaviour in corporate networks, providing enhanced protection against cyber threats.

UEBA stands for User and Entity Behaviour Analytics. It is a technology that uses machine learning and advanced analytics to identify anomalies in user behaviour that could indicate possible security breaches.

UEBA enables organisations to identify advanced threats that traditional security solutions may not detect. This technology is particularly effective in detecting insider threats, data leaks and advanced persistent threats.

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UEBA at digit solutions

User behaviour analysis

We analyse user behaviour to detect unusual activity that could indicate security threats.

Anomaly detection

By using AI and machine learning, our UEBA solution recognises patterns that deviate from the norm.

Integration of UEBA into the cyber defence strategy

digit solutions integrates UEBA into an organisation's overall security strategy to develop a deeper understanding of network activity and respond more quickly to threats.

Early detection of threats

UEBA helps companies to recognise potential security risks at an early stage and take preventive measures.

Detailed insights into network activities

UEBA provides valuable insights into user behaviour and helps to identify weak points in the network.

Adaptation of UEBA to various industry requirements

digit solutions' UEBA solutions are customised to the needs of different industries to ensure maximum effectiveness.
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