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Our history



Our journey began in Luxembourg, where digit solutions S.A.R.L. was founded. In the early days, we focussed mainly on financial institutions and insurance companies, which formed the backbone of our client base. Over time, we broadened our focus and started servicing banks as well, further deepening our expertise in the financial sector.

further location opening UK

In order to offer our customers an even better service, we expanded beyond the borders of Luxembourg and opened a new location in the United Kingdom. This strategic decision allowed us to be closer to our customers and respond to their needs with our usual efficiency and expertise in the field of IT security.


further location opening DE

In Germany, the founding of digit solutions GmbH in Bielefeld marked another milestone in our company's history. The decisive step into the German market was motivated by large orders from well-known companies such as Deutsche Telekom and the Federal Employment Agency. This development underlined our steady growth and our ability to operate successfully in a demanding and dynamic market such as Germany and deliver customised IT security solutions.

Head office Löhne

With the relocation of our headquarters from Bielefeld to Löhne, we initiated a significant phase of change and growth in our company. This move is more than just a geographical relocation; it symbolises our adaptability and commitment to progress in a dynamic business environment. In Löhne, we have found a location equipped with expanded resources and modern facilities to better serve our customers. The strategic location of Löhne reinforces our ability to lead the way in the development and delivery of innovative IT security solutions and maintain our high standard of customer service.