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In the dynamic environment of cyber security, the concept of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a revolutionary development. digit solutions offers advanced XDR solutions that go far beyond traditional security approaches to provide organisations with comprehensive protection for their networks and data.

XDR is an advanced form of threat detection and response that integrates different layers of security. It combines network security, endpoint protection, cloud security and email security into a coherent system that can detect and respond to threats more efficiently.

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XDR solutions from digit solutions

Integration of various security tools

XDR from digit solutions combines data from different security sources to create a complete picture of an organisation's security posture.

Automated threat detection and response

Our XDR solutions use advanced algorithms to automatically detect and respond to threats, significantly reducing response times.

Customisation to the specific needs of the company:

We customise our XDR solutions to the individual requirements of your company to ensure optimum protection.

Improved threat detection and responsiveness

By integrating various security sources and utilising AI, XDR enables more efficient detection and response to complex threats.

Reduction of false alarms

XDR solutions from digit solutions reduce the number of false alarms by distinguishing relevant from irrelevant security alerts.

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