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Harmonise the infrastructure at globally distributed locations to optimise IT security, minimise administrative effort and implement a successful IT digitisation and consolidation project.

In multinational companies, consolidating your infrastructure as part of the digital transformation can bring significant benefits.

If your project is successful, your employees will be able to collaborate more effectively across locations, while your company will benefit from increased productivity and operational efficiency.

To make this possible, you first need to harmonise your local IT infrastructure. This can range from replacing routers and firewalls to installing new telecommunication lines such as MPLS/vPLS that connect you to regional data centres and your global network.

Harmonising the infrastructure can be extremely challenging. While a centralised strategy makes sense in order to gain efficiency and security benefits, you also have to take into account a wide range of local requirements in terms of security, performance, market conditions or local break-outs.

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Example of a harmonised and standardised data centre with location.

digit solutions are the experts in harmonising and consolidating local and cross-location IT infrastructures in local and regional markets from EMEA to APAC to North and South America.

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How you can benefit from our global harmonisation service

Plan and implement harmonisation at global locations

Every company is different. That's why we work with you to provide an infrastructure that is harmonised locally and globally and meets all performance and security requirements.

Keep the process under control from strategy to rollout

When harmonising different locations, you not only need to consider a sophisticated digital strategy, but also the complexity of a worldwide rollout and global implementation.

digit solutions ensures that you meet all challenges successfully, for example through

Strategy consulting, to develop a solution that fulfils the respective business requirements in your markets.

Hardware Sizing, to ensure that your hardware fulfils different market conditions, including a "proof of concept" that allows you to test the solution before you decide on it.

SMART project management & vendor management, through which you can contractually and technically organise cooperation with various providers, telecommunications companies and other partners around the globe.

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