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Improved security for cloud infrastructure

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Cloud Security

Protect your data and your company in cloud environments as if it were an on-site IT landscape.

If you are planning or implementing a cloud migration for a large organisation, security is high on the list of priorities. If your data is stored in a third-party data centre: What can you do to protect it from cyber-attacks?

As with on-premise security, you need different security layers to effectively protect a cloud environment. In addition, you cannot always rely on the cloud service provider to provide exactly the layers you need.

digit solutions works closely with market leaders to offer you a broad portfolio of solutions to protect your cloud infrastructure.

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So you can rely on comprehensive cloud security

Design the architecture with the highest safety standards

Firstly, you should ensure that you take security into account from the outset when designing your cloud architecture.

Should your most sensitive data be in the cloud? Or would you prefer a hybrid solution where you only store less critical data in the cloud?

How does this affect your cloud backup strategy?

Our IT Security Design Service offers you answers to these and other questions.

Recognise and prevent external threats

Are you already using a cloud infrastructure? Then you should be able to recognise and prevent threats in good time. The following solutions, among others, are used here:

  • Cloud firewalls that fit your environment and protect against malware


  • Advanced Threat Protection to detect malware such as viruses and Trojans


  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to identify and ward off attacks.

We also support you with the installation of Cloud Connectors. These allow you to connect to cloud-based cyber security services quickly and easily.

Configure information security

With Security Configuration Management (SCM) services, you can monitor who does what and when with your cloud files. Data can also be tracked when it is moved.

In this way, you can recognise attacks by detecting unusual changes. At the same time, serious damage caused by cyber attacks can be prevented.

digit solutions has in-house specialists with extensive experience in the field of SCM. We use our SCM expertise to make your cloud infrastructure even more secure.

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