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Hardware rollout

We plan, realise and implement your IT hardware rollout, taking into account your guidelines, requirements and site-specific compatibilities.

As a large company, rolling out your IT hardware at different locations is no easy task.

You need comprehensive preparation to ensure that your plan works on site. You need to consider company-specific guidelines, location-specific requirements and, of course, different compatibilities.

When it comes to providing a large number of end devices or network components, this process can quickly become a complex matter.


digit solutions supports you in keeping this complexity under control. To this end, we provide your end devices and network components worldwide - including rollout planning, configuration and implementation.

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We work together with your IT teams in the following areas, among others

Planning your project rollout

As part of the Standardisation & Harmonisation process, we work with your technical teams worldwide to define your rollout requirements locally. On this basis, we develop a concrete plan that fully fulfils these requirements.

For particularly complex rollouts, our SMART project management teams will support you in the successful implementation.

Configuration of network & client hardware

We pre-install and pre-configure your end devices for immediate use. In doing so, we ensure that they comply with local language requirements and information security guidelines.

In this way, your client hardware can be quickly deployed for users and your requirements.

We can also prepare your network components and security applications so that they are seamlessly integrated and allow your IT team secure remote access for maintenance tasks.

Hardware tests for handover

Before handover, all hardware components are thoroughly tested to ensure the performance and security you need.

On request, we can also provide you with detailed documentation for the hardware provided.
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