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The future of networking

IP Network & SD WAN

Connect worlds - Advanced network solutions for seamless and secure communication.

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IP network design

Work with us to develop a customised IP network design that prioritises security and efficiency.

SD WAN Connect

Improve your network performance with SD WAN Connect for faster, more secure and more efficient data transmission.


Secure and powerful Wi-Fi network customised to your company's needs for seamless connectivity.

Digital network solutions for your company

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Rely on digit solutions to meet your IP network technology and SD-WAN challenges - from the design to the implementation of consolidated, complex, multi-site IP networks that fully fulfil all security requirements.

In a global organisation, high-performance networks are crucial to the success of your digital business. In order to successfully drive digitalisation forward, it is essential that your employees can work smoothly and securely via high-performance, cross-location networks.

Maximise WAN efficiency

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But how can you optimise your WAN so that it meets all performance, security and cost requirements? And how can you optimise the cost benefits of SD-WAN compared to MPLS? Not to forget: How can you increase productivity with existing networks by providing your employees with all the tools they need, such as wireless networks and Voice-over-IP (VoIP)?

digit solutions designs cross-location networks for you to successfully master these and other challenges.

Make your infrastructure more secure now!

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digit solutions is your Cyber Guard. 

digit solutions

The best solution for your needs

Scalable solutions




Global presence

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Benefit from the latest IP network technologies & SD-WAN

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Benefit from the efficiency advantages of SD-WAN

MPLS networks are powerful, but often cost-intensive. We develop more cost-efficient solutions for you with SD-WAN connectivity. This allows you to transport less relevant data streams much more cost-effectively without neglecting performance and security.

Realise an effective network design

At digit solutions, we work with you to develop an IP network design for your specific requirements. With SMART network project management and provider management, we ensure efficient implementation. Co-operate smoothly with telecommunication companies in different countries.

Ensure a safe
IP network environment

Security is a crucial component of any network architecture. We support you in designing and implementing a network that fulfils all security requirements and protects against threats.

Increase your

When your employees have all the tools they need, they work more productively. We can help you implement wireless networks at your sites so that mobile devices can be used effectively on site. We also offer VoIP systems that eliminate the need for traditional conference calls and enable your employees to work more efficiently and productively.

Frequently asked questions

IP networks (Internet Protocol networks) are the basis of data communication on the Internet, whereby data is transmitted in packets via various networks. SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a specific application of network technologies that simplifies the management of Wide Area Networks (WANs) through software. While traditional IP networks are often rigid and complex to manage, SD-WAN offers more flexibility, better performance and improved security through centralised management and automated policies.

digit solutions supports organisations in the planning, implementation and management of SD-WAN solutions. We start with a comprehensive analysis of the existing network infrastructure and business needs to design a customised SD-WAN solution. This includes the selection of suitable hardware and software, the configuration of network policies and the integration of security functions. Our goal is to create a more efficient, secure and cost-effective WAN for our customers.

SD-WAN offers several benefits for organisations, including increased network performance, improved bandwidth efficiency and reduced complexity. By centralising network management, SD-WAN enables faster and more efficient network configuration and customisation. SD-WAN also improves security through integrated encryption and advanced threat protection features. The flexibility to use different transport media (such as MPLS, broadband and LTE) also ensures improved reliability and cost efficiency.

At digit solutions, we prioritise the security of IP networks and SD-WAN solutions. We implement multi-layered security measures that include encryption, advanced threat detection, secure access management and continuous network monitoring. By combining security best practices with modern technologies, we ensure that our customers' networks are protected against external and internal threats while meeting compliance requirements.

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