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Cloud Solutions

Advanced protection for your data in the cloud

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Scalability and flexibility

Our cloud solutions enable companies to seamlessly adapt and expand their IT resources. They offer the flexibility to react quickly to changing business requirements and support growth efficiently.

Cost savings and efficiency

By utilising our cloud solutions, companies significantly reduce their IT costs. At the same time, they increase their operational efficiency through lower maintenance costs and improved resource utilisation.

Security and compliance

Our cloud solutions are equipped with robust security measures and compliance standards. They ensure the protection of sensitive data and fulfil industry-specific regulations, which strengthens trust in cloud technology.

Innovation and competitive advantage

Our cloud solutions give companies access to the latest technologies and innovations. This enables them to remain competitive and set themselves apart from the competition with modernised IT infrastructures.

Components of our cloud solutions

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Optimise your cloud usage - Get to know our cloud tenant services, which offer you a customised and scalable cloud environment.


Connect seamlessly to the cloud - discover our innovative Cloud Connector solutions for secure and efficient data integration.

Cloud backup

Secure your valuable data - Find out more about our reliable and customisable cloud backup solutions for your company.

Application and mail
in the cloud

Bring your business applications and emails to the cloud - discover how our cloud solutions can increase efficiency and improve collaboration.

Optimise your business processes with customised cloud solutions

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In today's business world, it is hard to imagine successful companies without the use of cloud services. Compared to traditional IT architectures, cloud services offer significantly greater flexibility. They make it possible to test different software integrations, experiment with platforms and support the entire process of digitalisation and transformation.

Nevertheless, companies face various challenges when it comes to using the cloud from an IT perspective. Questions about the structured and secure migration of data to a cloud-based environment, protecting the cloud from cyber attacks, data protection and planning for secure business continuity arise alongside fundamental questions such as "How do I maintain an overview and control of my data?". We also provide support with the weighting or distribution of servers: There is no such thing as "cloud or on premise"! In most cases, it makes sense to operate a mixture of both, the so-called hybrid mode.

At digit solutions, we offer you comprehensive answers to these and other questions and support you in designing cloud solutions that precisely meet your business requirements.

Make your infrastructure more secure now!

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digit solutions is your Cyber Guard.

How you can benefit from our comprehensive cloud expertise

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Integrate cloud services quickly and easily

Flexible integration of services, regardless of the infrastructure. Support through simple cloud connectors or recommendations for customisable hosting providers.

Reliable backup of your cloud data

For on-premise or cloud: our reliable cloud backup solutions ensure your business continuity in the event of data loss. Find out more under Cloud Backup Solutions.

Protect your cloud data reliably

Security risks are crucial for cloud migration. Our solutions protect data and companies in clouds with firewalls and effective security measures against threats.

Optimise your cloud solutions

Before any cloud migration: clarify your cloud expectations. We thoroughly analyse your goals and develop individual cloud solutions for your company. Find out more under IT Consulting.

Suitable cloud
Migrate successfully

We help you select the best cloud provider for your needs and carry out a successful cloud migration, including Microsoft Office 365.

Frequently asked questions

Cloud solutions refer to services and technologies that are provided via the internet and enable companies to store, process and manage data. The benefits include scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency and improved collaboration. Organisations can manage their IT resources more effectively as cloud solutions reduce the need for large hardware investments and facilitate access to advanced technologies.
Securing data and applications in the cloud is one of our core competences. Digit Solutions implements multi-layered security measures that include data encryption, identity and access management, regular security audits and ongoing threat monitoring. We ensure that all cloud solutions comply with the latest security standards and offer customised security strategies to address the specific risks and compliance requirements of our customers.

Migrating to the cloud can be a complex task, especially for organisations with large amounts of data or specific compliance requirements. digit solutions offers comprehensive cloud migration support, including planning and strategy development, conducting feasibility studies, data migration, customising applications for the cloud and ongoing post-migration support. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and that our customers can fully realise the benefits of the cloud.

digit solutions offers a variety of specific cloud solutions that are tailored to different business requirements. These include cloud infrastructure services such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). We also offer specialised cloud services for data management, business continuity, disaster recovery and customised cloud applications. These solutions are designed to support organisations of all sizes and from different industries by offering improved scalability, efficiency and flexibility. Our experts advise customers individually to select and customise the most suitable cloud solutions to meet their specific business objectives and operational requirements.

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