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Application and mail in the cloud

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Application and mail in the cloud

Maximum security for application use and email in the cloud with a focus on M365

IT security and data protection play a central role in the increasingly digitalised business world. Companies are increasingly turning to cloud solutions in order to operate more flexibly and collaborate more efficiently. When migrating to the cloud, however, it is crucial that not only data and networks are protected, but also specific applications, especially in the context of M365 (Microsoft 365), as well as email traffic.


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Security for application use in the cloud

Identification of applications

A detailed analysis of the applications used is the first step. This makes it possible to understand which applications are being used, who is accessing them and what data is being transferred.

Selection of security applications

The selection of powerful security applications is crucial. Modern cloud firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) help to monitor application activities, detect threats and prevent security incidents through centralised management and the intelligent use of AI.

Implementation of access controls

Clear access controls ensure that only authorised users can access the applications. Integration with M365 plays a crucial role here to ensure a seamless and secure user experience.

Consideration of SD-WAN technologies

The integration of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) enables efficient and secure connection of cloud applications. This not only optimises costs, but also increases performance and availability.

Email security in the cloud with M365

Phishing protection

M365 offers advanced protection against phishing attacks. Real-time analyses and detection of fraudulent emails eliminate potential threats.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The cloud enables precise monitoring and control of sensitive data in emails. M365 integrates DLP functions to ensure that sensitive information is not transmitted without authorisation.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

The implementation of MFA for email access in M365 ensures that even if passwords are compromised, an additional security factor protects access.

Archiving and backup

Regular backups and archiving of emails are crucial for business continuity. M365 offers comprehensive backup and archiving tools to prevent data loss.
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