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Cloud Connectors

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Cloud Connectors

Optimise cloud performance and security by connecting to countless providers and services quickly and easily via Cloud Connectors.

In recent years, companies have benefited from countless advantages thanks to cloud services. An enormous range of third-party services can be utilised for on-premise architectures and the cloud.

But how can you integrate third-party providers from your cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure as easily and efficiently as possible? For example, to increase security and performance?

One solution for cloud-enabled integration is known as "Cloud Connectors".
If you use an on-premise infrastructure, for example, you can simply connect to cloud providers such as Microsoft and AWS via a cloud connector. And without having to use a programmable interface yourself.

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How you benefit from Cloud Connectors at digit solutions

Choose solutions that enable integrations

Whether you choose a hosting provider or an on-premise application: You should always make sure that Cloud Connectors are available. This way, you can easily connect to the services you need.

Before we recommend a suitable solution, we make sure that we fully understand your requirements.

Increase the security of your infrastructure

Cloud Connectors help you to increase IT security in two ways. On the one hand, they allow direct integration with cloud-based security services.

On the other hand, they indirectly enable seamless connectivity and simplify work in complex hybrid architectures. This allows you to handle data depending on its relevance and sensitivity.

For example, you can decide to store more sensitive data on site and less sensitive data in the cloud. Cloud connectors make it easy to integrate both worlds.

Implement your solution

Once we have found the best solution for you, we can determine and implement the appropriate Cloud Connectors as part of your extended cloud solution. Find out more under IT Sales & Implementation.
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