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Mail Security & Mail Protection

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Mail Security & Protection

Protect yourself against email threats such as phishing, malware, viruses and spyware. Our in-depth technical expertise in email security and our partnership with leading providers such as Barracuda Networks, Cisco Systems Inc. and many others make it possible.

As your company's IT team, you know how important it is to protect your email communication against dangerous cyber attacks and at the same time provide your employees with a productive working environment.

Implementing optimal email protection measures depends directly on your network architecture, your security policies and your budget. digit solutions will work with you to develop a solution that fully meets your requirements.


This is due not only to our in-depth expertise in the field of e-mail security, but also to our close partnership with leading security providers such as Barracuda Networks, Cisco Systems Inc., Palo Alto Networks and many more.

We also offer solutions that enable you to manage your email data in a compliant and productive way - both on site and in the cloud.

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How you benefit from E-Mail Security & Protection

Implement customised solutions

We support you in finding the optimal email protection for your company - in your on-site data centre or in the cloud.

Find out more under Office 365 in the cloud.

Protect your e-mail communication more effectively

According to your specific requirements, we recommend protective measures such as

  • An email security gateway that scans emails for viruses, spam and malware before they reach your network


  • Whitelists and blacklists that help to reduce the number of emails from untrusted sources entering your network and minimise error messages


  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) technologies with multi-layered protection measures to ward off threats in various ways

Use email backups to protect against data loss

Protection against cyber attacks is important, but so is maximum data availability. Email backups help to prevent data loss and ensure the productivity of your employees if data is lost. Find out more under Cloud backups.

Archive emails for data protection

Many legal regulations prescribe guidelines for email archiving to ensure data protection compliance. We offer you solutions for effective and secure email archiving.
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