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Hardware resizing

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Hardware resizing

As an IT manager in a large company, you are aware that the success of IT projects does not depend solely on the hardware. Rather, the focus is on continuously fulfilling the rapidly changing requirements of your company and your users.

In this context, the provision of unsuitable hardware can certainly lead to project failure. You may have invested more in oversized hardware than was necessary, or the commissioned infrastructure does not meet current requirements and cannot be scaled for future growth. digit solutions ensures that you can avoid these pitfalls. We offer the right hardware for your IT infrastructure and projects.

To this end, we present you with our free proof of concept (PoC) for the recommended hardware. In addition, we work closely with you to understand your requirements from the outset.

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Benefit from our hardware sizing service

Reduce your investment risks

Our free "proof of concept" for the recommended hardware allows you to check whether it is optimally suited to your IT environment. If this is not the case, simply return the hardware and you will receive an alternative solution at no extra cost. This ensures that the hardware you use is a perfect fit, minimises your investment risks and allows you to implement your business applications as planned.

Plan for the future of your company

Hardware sizing is not just about meeting your current requirements, but also about anticipating the future. For this reason, we place particular emphasis on understanding your requirements before recommending a solution.

Choose the right hardware for every location

For multinational companies in the context of global digital consolidation, we take into account the different business requirements around the world. We provide the optimum hardware at every location.
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